asterisk - Asterisk, The Open Source PBX

License: GPL
Vendor: Digium, Inc.
Asterisk is an open source PBX and telephony development platform.  Asterisk
can both replace a conventional PBX and act as a platform for the
development of custom telephony applications for the delivery of dynamic
content over a telephone; similar to how one can deliver dynamic content
through a web browser using CGI and a web server.

Asterisk supports a variety of telephony hardware including BRI, PRI, POTS,
and IP telephony clients using the Inter-Asterisk eXchange (IAX) protocol (e.g.
gnophone or miniphone).  For more information and a current list of supported
hardware, see


asterisk- [5 KiB] Changelog by Jason Parker (2013-01-16):
- Update to
asterisk-1.0-1.noarch [4.2 MiB] Changelog by Stephen Noble (2004-09-26):
- Initial build for smeserver 6.0.1

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